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    SAPEÛR (Sah-Pur) refers to a group of dapper looking Congolese men and women who dedicate their time and money to dress strikingly, yet elegantly well. The word SAPEÛR comes from "La Sapologie", which is a movement created by the Congolese in the early 90's to promote high African Fashion. Unlike other trends, Congolese styles are created to stand out from the crowd. They make use of both vibrant hues and striking prints, which reflects the African culture. 


    With His Love, Passion, and Ambition for the African Fashion, Doron Boukambou (Founder/CEO) decided to share his vision with the world. Being a Congolese Native, he has seen the ups and downs in Congo. One thing that has never been taken away from the Congolese soul is "La Sapologie". La Sapologie is what brings our African brothers and sisters together. "Others may just see it as fashion, but I see it as an opportunity to bring unity to the world"- Doron. Our mission is to promote Self-Confidence and Unity through our Amazing High Quality Garments filled with a variety of vibrant colors. 


    Traditionally, Congolese clothing is centered on the wearing of colorful materials referred to as ‘Liputa’. These types of fabrics are worn by both men and women, and often can not be found at the local market.  They are usually cut into strips from two to six yards in length, and to complete the look are typically worn with a complementing headscarf for Women.


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